About Us

  • With years of experience in the plastic polymer field, we have been able to better any other pool heating solar panel on the market today.

  • We offer a high quality longer lasting solar pool heating panel at an affordable price

Well, imagine no more!


Solar Panels Direct is a division of Home Technologies cc- Solar Panels Direct supplies many of the leading pool heating companies throughout South Africa with our quality products, quality installations and quality customer service.


At Solar Panels Direct, we care about you and want to see you and your family enjoying your investment to the fullest. We are a swimming pool heating company dedicated to promoting genuine enjoyment and satisfaction with your pool. While other companies want to be your best friend before the sale and sometimes sell you products or services that you have little need or use for, we offer only those products that will bring improvement to your quality of life.


In addition to our automatic solar heating systems, we offer Evacuated Domestic Solar Systems and Solar Pool Blanket covers. With a combined experience of over 30 years in the swimming pool industry, we have a clear and focused perspective as to what works and what does not. And because we only offer you workable and proven technologies, we can both feel good after the sale.


But of course our job at Solar Panels Direct ensures that we will have the knowledge that we have helped another family achieve real enjoyment from their pride and joy. You will experience a profound enrichment in your pool experience and the knowledge that you have purchased the best heating system and convenience features available, from Cape Town's most recommended solar pool heating manufacturer: Solar Panels Direct


If you are serious about extending the usability of your swimming pool by months, demand the best levels of service and craftsmanship at a price that is hard to beat - contact Solar Panels Direct TODAY!


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