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Solar Panels Direct water heaters have never been better value and the Hi Temp Evacuated Solar models offer an energy efficient hot water solution, taking away the worries of rising energy prices. The Domestic hot water is the second-highest energy cost in the typical household. For some homes, it can even be the highest energy expenditure. Solar water heating can now reduce your domestic water heating costs by as much as 80%.This state-of-the-art evacuated solar water-heating appliance is designed to pre-heat domestic water that is supplied to your conventional water heater, resulting in remarkable savings. All parts of the system are built to demanding specifications, employing the latest evacuated solar technology for maximum performance. This system is manufactured from readily-available components, ensuring lower costs and reliability. The solar collectors are constructed of aluminum, copper, and tempered glass. A non-toxic glycol solution in the solar collectors eliminates winter freezing problems. A photovoltaic module regulates the proper daily operation of the system at no additional cost. The solar loop circulator turns on only when the panels are hot enough to heat the solar tank. The assembly incorporates the Hi Temp absorber, a continuous tube with only two connections for effortless installation. Hi Tempís new generation of solar water heaters provide the benefits of greater savings today while caring for tomorrows generation.

We offer two options for heating your geyser water
1) Conversion to existing geyser ( more popular)
2) Thermo siphon with new solar geyser
Both options work equally well, however certain factors will determine which option to choose.
For example:

  • Estate living does not allow for solar geysers to be visible, therefore option 1- solar conversion would be the preferred choice

  • If your existing geyser is old or has failed, and you were planning on replacing it, then you could opt for option 2, providing there were no restrictions to the solar geyser being externally mounted.

Option 1 consists of the following:

  • Evacuated Solar Panel (20x1500x58) or (20x1800x58) depending on the size of the existing geyser.

  • Conversion Jet

  • DC Laing Circulation Pump

  • 10W Photovoltaic Panel (supplies power to the DC pump)

  • Geyserwise Controller (optional)

Option 2 consists of the following:

  • Evacuated Solar Panel (20x1500x58) or (20x1800x58) depending on the size of the existing geyser.

  • Solar Geyser (150l or 200l)

  • Geyserwise Controller (optional)

Both the above evacuated solar heating systems, are the latest technology offering you the highest savings of water heating costs.
Savings of R250 per month (currently) are easily achieved, and with the price of electricity on the increase- greater savings can be expected.

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