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At Solar Panels Direct we offer a complete range of Hi Temp Pool & Spa Heating Products as well as Titanium Heatpumps, Solar Geysers, Evacuated Solar Hot Water Systems and solar blankets.

Now is the time to think SOLAR! A Solar Pool Heating system will heat your pool to a warm, comfortable temperature with environment-friendly energy from the sun. With hundreds of thousands of swimming pools in South Africa today, it's very likely a solar pool heating system is working quietly and efficiently in your own neighbourhood.

With a solar pool heating system, you can extend your swim season and drastically reduce or eliminate your pool heating costs.

Popular for residential or commercial application, the average temperature range of a solar heated pool is in the low to upper 20's throughout the swimming season. This system is designed to either replace or supplement a conventional pool heater with trouble-free, reliable performance. These panels are lightweight, ultraviolet resistant and come with a Full 12-year warranty.


I have never used the pool so much since it has been heated. I used to be the one that sat out and watched instead of swimming, now I love it.

Your professionalism and installation is to be commended and we have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who asks. Thanks for everything!

The immense difference the heating has made to our enjoyment of what is a very large pool, has proved to be worth many times the investment we have made in your services.


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