1.  In order to commence work a signature of acceptance by the Buyer is required, which will constitute a firm order between Hi Temp  and the Buyer. 


2.  It is understood that this acceptance of the quotation, via e-mail or telephonically,  is binding and cannot be cancelled unless agreed to by Hi Temp in writing. Cancellation may only be accepted in writing and an administration levy 15-25 % of the contract sum shall become due for administration costs. 


3.  Hi Temp reserves the right to cancel any order if: 


(i) Payments by the Buyer to Hi Temp are in default 


(ii) Should substantial changes in material and systems and/or prices occur? 


(iii) Prevailing conditions beyond the control of Hi Temp make impossible to assure delivery. 

Should the above occur Hi Temp will not be liable for any claims for damages by the Buyer whether direct, indirect on consequential. 


4.  Any agreed alterations requested in design, quantity or specification and any suspension of work will thereby involve adjustments to the price quoted. 


5.  All payments are strictly COD unless otherwise stated on the quotation. Any outstanding amounts in terms of this agreement shall bear interest at the prevailing prime commercial overdraft rate- All goods remain the property of Hi Temp until the full payment has been made.
Should the Buyer default in making payment, Hi Temp reserves the right to remove the goods and the Buyer agrees to allow Hi Temp or its assignees access to the property for this purpose. Should any products have to be removed the customer will be liable for a labour fee & de-installation costs.


6.  Prices are firm for a period of 7 days from the date of the written quotation, thereafter are subject to without confirmation. 


7.  The buyer shall make available to Hi Temp on site 220 volt electric current

8. Product Warranties

  • Hi Temp Pool Solar Panels carry a 12 year warranty against water leaks & 12 months on workmanship and installation materials used. The warranty covers parts, materials and labour but excludes travel, toll and/or fuel charges. Generally if a travel/toll/fuel amount is charged on your invoice this amount would be applicable to a service call and/or repair. This amount will increase by 10% P.A. to compensate for the ever increasing fuel prices. For travel fees not shown on invoice, a travel fee will be applicable to current travel fee rates. Service calls and travel fees are to be paid in full prior to a technician being dispatched to site.

  • Hi Temp ECO Titanium Pool Heatpumps carry a 5 year warranty on the Titanium heat exchanger coil and 12 months on the electronics and compressor.

  • Evacuated Solar collector panels and Flat Plate collectors have a 5 year warranty | Solar Geysers Carry a 5-10 year warranty depending on the model by the manufacturer.

  • Solar Controllers, circulation pumps, photovoltaic panels all carry a 12 month warranty.

  • Salt Chlorinators and pool pumps/sand filters carry a 2 year warranty serviced by the manufacturer. The warranty only applies to the original purchaser. The warranty only applies to installations done Hi Temp or an accredited installer and does not apply to DIY purchases where installed by a third party.


  • Pool Heating- additional uPVC piping used, other than on the quote, for pool heating installation will be charged at R40 per meter which also includes trench digging to a depth of 20cm as well as fittings and labour to lay the additional piping.

  • Solar Geyser and/or Solar Collectors- Additional copper tubing used over and above the estimate quote will be charged out at R90 per meter for 15mm and R150 per meter for 22mm. This includes copper solder and copper fittings as well as labour

  • In the unlikely event of a water leak occurring, Hi Temp Pool Heating will not be held liable for damage caused. Home-owners household insurance will have to be completed and claimed by the client.

  • If removal of paving is needed, which is very seldom, there will be extra cost, at R450 per hour. We do not replace paving as this is a specialised industry, which we are not specialist in. We cannot be held liable for broken brickwork during the removal process.

  • This quotation is based upon an standard installation on sandy soil. (only applicable for pool heating) Accordingly the quotation does not provide for additional labour or costs in the event that underground rock formations are encountered which will necessitate additional labour and machinery or materials when laying underground piping.

  • This quotation does not provide for removal of large shrubs, trees to be felled or relocated.

  • This quotation is based on a "standard installation" with the information given by the purchaser. Should the information given by the client differs, some costs may be incurred. I.E. additional piping, double storey etc.

  • We cannot be held responsible for damage done to hidden electrical cable/water pipes while drilling

  • Please note that any damage claims will NOT be considered 7 (seven) days after the completion of the installation.

  • All products supplied are manufactured in accordance to ISO 9001:2000 qualtiy / CE and/or SABS approved.

  • Once the product has been ordered and has been dispatched from our warehouse the risk/responsibility and insurance falls onto the client and freight company. Should the product be damaged in transit we will not be held responsible. The client should address any problems or damages caused directly with the freight company, which he has contracted to do the delivery. This does not apply should the client contract us to deliver, install or setup, where we use our own staff.


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